International Society for Krishna Consciousness (known as ISKCON) Manchester's mission is to promote the well-being of society by teaching the science of Krishna consciousness according to Bhagavad-gita and other ancient scriptures


20 Mayfield Road

Whalley Range


M16 8FT

Ph: +44 (0)161 226 4416

Sunday Feast is a weekly gathering at the ISKCON temple to hear and discuss Vedic philosophy, engage in kirtans and bhajans followed by sumptuous Krishna prasadam. The program was initiated by ISKCON's founder in early 1960's in New York and continues at all ISKCON temples across the world. 

Sunday feast programme @ ISKCON Manchester starts from 12:30pm every Sunday. Everyone welcome to join for discources on self-realisation and Bhakti yoga classes followed by delightful vegetarian feast.

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  Details :

Regular Temple Program

Friday Class

07:00 pm - Gaura Arati

07:30 pm - Bhagavad Gita Class

09:00 pm - Prasadam (Vegetarian feast)

Sunday Program

05:00 am - Mangala Arati

05:30 am - Tulasi Puja

06:00 am - Japa (Meditation)

07:30 am - Sringara Arati

07:45 am - Guru Puja

08:00 am - Srimad Bhagavatam Class

09:00 am - Prasadam

12:30 pm - Arati

01:00 pm - Pravachan

02:00 pm - Kirtan

03:00 pm - Prasadam (Vegetarian feast)

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Upcoming Events

Ram Katha

HG Shubha Vilas Das

   Fri 22 Sept, 7-9 pm

   7 Laws of Progressive Living based on 7 stories in the Ramayana

   Sat 23 Sept, 8 am

   Vaishnava Relations

   Lessons from Saubari Muni and Garuda's story

   Sat 23 Sept, 4-6 pm

   Marriage of Sita and Rama - Lessons on healthy relationships

   Sun 24 Sept, 8 am

   When envy meets love

   Lessons from Kaliya Lila

   Sun 24 Sept, 1-3 pm

   Life Apps - Based on open eyed meditations book

   Stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana applied to life situations

Vijaya Dasami (Dashera)

   Sat 30 Sept, 4-6 pm


                Ram Katha - Stories of Lord Ram