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Priest for Vedic Samskara Ceremonies

Shyamanand Pandit Das




Samskaras or purificatory ceremonies are many opportunities during one's life – from before birth to after death – when one may perform a ceremony for purification to evoke auspiciousness and ensure advancement in spiritual life.

Celebrate the various occasions in your family through various Vaishnava Homas. Homa, Havan, Agni-hotra or Yagna is a Vedic Fire Sacrifice where offerings are made to Lord Vishnu through the sacred fire (Agni).

Vivaha Samskara/Marriage

In Vedic tradition,marriage is a sacred act, a religious commitment and never a simple agreement. Union between a man and a woman is not merely physical,but also  a moral and spiritual one.It marks the beginning of a life of responsibility.

Griha–Shanti Pravesa/House Warming ceremony

This ritual is performed so that the new place (House, Shop etc.) will be purified, and Vishnu can reside at that place and stay there to make their place protected and blessed. This is done also to scare away the negative subtle entities and burn the bad karma associated with the place.

Hawan and Kirtan

(Ceremony for peace within the home)

This ceremony is performed for attaining peace in the home and  will be followed by kirtan.

Nama-karana homa/Name giving ceremony

 The Vedic literatures say thatone’s name act as a shield against evil. A good combination of sounds, when forming a name in harmony with the person receiving it, has a most important effect.

Anna-Prasana/Child's first grains ceremony

During this ceremony, the priest asks Lord Vaisvanara (Vishnu) to enter the child’s body to accept the solid foods he  will eat throughout his/her life.Unless the Supreme Lord helps the child in digestion, there is no possibility of eating. He thus produces and digest foodstuff, and by His grace we are enjoying life.

Along with Anna-prasana the Child’s Tendencies is also performed. Parents can verify their child’s tendencies by placing before him different objects right after anna-prasada. What he chooses will reveal his calling.

Cuda-Karan(Mundan)/Child's first haircut ceremony

It is custom among pilgrims in India to offer one's hair to the Deity. This is a sign of detachment for mankind greatly values this bodily ornament. This is also an offering unto nature in return for her gifts in the form of foodstuff and well-being.

Paustika Karma(Ceremony for continued health of the child)

This ceremony should be performed every month ,during the child’s first year.

Antyesti-kriya/Funeral Rites

This is the last samskara, the last ritual associated with the body which it will purify one last time. This ritual is performed in order for the soul to become detached from the body and not have to take on the form of a ghost (preta), as well as to make sure the departed soul is promoted to a better world.